Viburnum Beetle Memo

RE: Viburnum leaf beetle
We at Nogas Landscaping wanted to make our properties aware of a potentially damaging pest that has been reported across the Chicago region with some regularity since 2015. The Viburnum leaf beetle feeds as both larvae and adults and can do extensive damage. Left unchecked, it can lead to death of the shrub.
We have noticed some damage to properties and will continue to monitor the situation throughout the summer. Some things that residents can keep an eye out for are larvae which appear pale green to pale yellow with black dots along the sides and dashes down the back. These are present from early to mid- June. Adults will generally be present from early July until frost. Most species in all susceptibility groups exhibit more feeding damage when grown in the shade. Both larvae and adults can feed and heavy feeding over 2-3 years can lead to shrub death.
Again, we will continue monitoring the properties and notify you of any changes. We ask that you notify us if you notice anything so that we may address it as soon as possible.
Nogas Landscaping
Dave Noga Mike Barry