Fall 2019 Newsletter

The onset of fall means both the finalization of summer services and preparation for the winter season at Nogas Landscaping.  While we begin our contracted fall clean-up services, we encourage you to contact us regarding any fall walk-through appointments in order to better meet your needs and expectations.  These walk-throughs allow you to detail any questions or concerns regarding your property, and allows us to better inform you of what services we offer in caring for your landscape over the fall season.  

            Although we do our best to care for your property in a way that minimizes winter injury to plants and shrubs, there are several factors beyond our control that determine the frequency and severity of winter damage. Characteristics of the area in which we live including, but not limited to extreme temperature fluctuation, spring freezes, and salt damage require extra measures to encourage the health of your plants and shrubs.  A common injury affecting several foliage species in our area is winter burn. Winter burn presents itself on many narrow-leafed evergreens including pine and yew, and broad-leaf evergreens such as boxwood.  It is caused by a loss of water due to winter sun and winds, and rapid drops in temperature. By applying an antidesiccant, this transpiration is reduced and the damage to foliage is minimized. Application takes place in December and February in order to provide protection all winter.  Winter is also a good time to prune deciduous shrubs.  We offer different pruning techniques in order dependent on the level of care needed and the desired result.  Please contact us with any questions or to request pricing information. 

            In addition, we will be performing routine maintenance on both our contracted properties and equipment in order to ensure a smooth transition to the winter season.  As always, we appreciate your continued business and look forward to servicing your property during this season and seasons to come. 



Dave Noga

Mike Barry